Anthem AZ is a beautiful master planned community situated approximately 30-minutes due north of Phoenix AZ. A ‘master planned’ community implies that the designers of Anthem AZ ‘Del Web’, designed it with families in mind. There are plenty of neat things to do to keep the kiddos entertained in Anthem. A few of the neat things for the kids to do in Anthem AZ are: A custom made catch and release fish pond that’s stocked regularly with fish as Carp, Bass & Trout. Single barb hooks Can be used while fishing the Anthem lake. Nicely situated round the lake are private covered areas for BBQ and picnicking.

You will find at least a dozens of these all around the lake, plus they are on a 1st come first serve basis. Another attraction in the Anthem AZ park within the small train for children that runs in the main station, all around the entire park and through a cool man made rock tunnel. The younger kids in Anthem AZ appear to really enjoy this feature! This park is constantly maintained by the Anthem AZ HOA crew that keeps things looking new, clean and fresh! Also in the park is a full cement style skate park. Filled with various ramps, bowls and curbs for children to perfect their favorite skate tricks! You will notice a full outdoor hockey rink filled with goals, scoreboard and full bleachers! The Anthem AZ park also boasts multiple outdoor basketball courts with night lighting, multiple full sized baseball fields, soccer fields, volleyball courts in real beach sand, playgrounds and plenty of areas to enjoy the Arizona sun! the fun in the Anthem AZ park never ends! I find myself here almost every weekend, as there is plenty to do for all ages!

There are two parts of Anthem AZ. There is what is called the ‘Parkside’ and also the ‘Country Club’. The Parkside of Anthem AZ is how more of the families reside with kids. The nation club is a little more private and made more for peace, quiet and golf! The country club comes with a fully gated community with guards monitoring everyone who enters leaving this part of Anthem AZ. You have to be a resident or have prior permission in one to enter. Otherwise, you will be asked to leave! The nation club in Anthem AZ boast an attractive 2 -18 hole PGA style course! The golf course has multiple club houses along with fine dining and bars. There, you will also see club shops to purchase sporting goods if needed. The down-side to living in the Anthem AZ country club are the fees associated with it. You will be required to pay a monthly ‘Home Owners Association’ fee or HOA. This is how your community is upkept and monitored for safety. Also, the Anthem AZ course still charges a fee even though you reside inthe club. Though, is reduced, still is a pretty penny each time you decide to go play 18-holes together with your friends!

The ‘Parkside’ of Anthem, AZ can be found around the park that was described briefly above. You will notice much more families and kids walking about on this part of Anthem AZ. this is where you will go to go shopping for groceries or out for a bite at among the local restaurants. You will find 3-major grocery stores in Anthem AZ. Wal-mart, Safeway and Fry’s. You may also venture one exit south to an area known as ‘Tramonto AZ’ to visit the Albertsons for groceries. So far as restaurant options in Anthem AZ, there are all the kinds of food you would like from: Greek, Italian, Chinese, American, Sushi and much more! We have a nice outlet mall with great fashions of all types. Such names as Polo Ralph Lauren and Nike are simply to name a couple within Anthem AZ.